Congressman Guest Votes Against Resolution That Would Weaken American Strength

January 10, 2020
Press Release

CLICK HERE to watch or download floor speech on American strikes against Iran

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) voted against H.Con.Res.83, a resolution that would direct President Trump to end all military actions in Iran. This legislation would cripple American ability to respond to aggression and would hinder the ability of the United States to properly negotiate with Iran.

Following the vote, Congressman Guest admonished the resolution for its political nature. “Democrats are so focused on continuing political battles with President Trump that they are willing to abandon their responsibility to our nation,” Guest said. “The sole reason Democrats introduced this resolution is to score points with their base by attacking President Trump. In reality, they are undermining our national security. After a major foreign policy victory that put an end to the brutal leadership of terrorist Qassem Soleimani, we should be uniting our country to capitalize on a successful military operation against an enemy of the United States.”

Yesterday, Congressman Guest spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to praise the administration’s decision to eliminate Qassem Soleimani and its handling of the situation following the strike.

“The United States has adopted an aggressive, proactive approach of gathering intelligence on our enemies and removing those individuals who seek to cause us harm in order to save American lives,” Guest said. “President Trump did just that. On January 3rd, our military, acting under the direction of our commander-in-chief, killed Iranian General Soleimani to protect the lives of Americans and to end his reign of terror in the Middle East. The actions of our President and our military have damaged Iran’s ability to sow unrest in the Middle East, and we have no doubt saved countless lives by removing a terrorist with the capabilities to harm our nation. We must continue to support our troops serving abroad who protect our nation, and we must remain vigilant in our fight against terrorism and our ongoing efforts to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.

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