Congressman Guest Urges EPA to Act to Address Flooding

June 20, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) urged Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler to reconsider the EPA’s 2008 veto of the Yazoo Backwater Area Pumps Project and to find a viable solution to alleviating future high-water events in Mississippi’s South Delta.

According to Congressman Guest, actions taken by the EPA to amend or revise the veto would allow action to be taken to help mitigate future disasters. “This season, an estimated 550,000 acres of land have been inundated, and the livelihoods of hard-working Mississippians have been disrupted by this event. Farmers are unable to plant their fields and residents are unable to leave their homes without encountering dangerous and unknown flood waters. With a solution to the Yazoo Backwater Area Project, Mississippians who find their homes, businesses, and farms under water can be confident enough to return and rebuild in the future,” Guest said.

The full text of Congressman Guest’s letter to EPA Administrator Wheeler can be found by clicking here.