Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Community Project Funding Requests

In accordance with Republican Conference rules and adherence to all transparency and accountability criteria, below is a list of Community Project Funding requests from the Office of Congressman Michael Guest to be considered in the Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Legislation. Certification forms are included below, and the requirements for certification by Members can be found here


Project Name:  Mississippi State University Physician Assistant Studies – Patient Assessment Lab and Simulation Rooms

Requested Amount:  $1,000,000

Intended Recipient:  Mississippi State University

Recipient Address:  3500 Lee Hall, Mississippi State, MS, 39762

Project Location:  Mississippi State University Riley Campus – Rosenbaum Building, 2214 5th Street, Meridian, MS, 39301

Request Explanation: Mississippi State University has started the first public Physician Assistant program in the State of Mississippi. This program has established affiliations with more than 30 facilities in the State of Mississippi to help train the program's students. A critical feature of training is the patient assessment component, including patient interactions, initial diagnosis, and similar skills. The Patient Assessment Lab and Simulation Rooms would be similar to a primary care physician's office, and students would interact with other students and patient actors. The space would be equipped with closed circuit recording capacity to facilitate instruction and best practices in patient assessment. As didactic labs for patient assessment are essential components to the PA training and required for the program's accreditation, this funding has a direct impact on patient care in Mississippi.

The funding would be used by the Mississippi State University (MSU) to develop the Physician Assistant Studies program’s Patient Assessment Lab and Simulation Rooms. The project would be located on the third floor of the Rosenbaum Health Sciences Building on MSU’s Meridian campus. This effort is a valuable use of taxpayer funds because MSU would use the space to train emerging Physician Assistants (PAs) in general patient assessment, initial diagnosis, bedside mannerisms, and the like. This program will produce up to 30 PAs each year to help address healthcare provider needs in the State of Mississippi, and the project would support the University in this mission. The MSU PA Program would share the space with other educational entities and healthcare providers in the state to encourage interprofessional training and collaboration. Local healthcare organizations have shared their support in the supplemental documents below.

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Project Name:  Free Clinic of Meridian Expansion

Requested Amount:  $313,800

Intended Recipient:  Free Clinic of Meridian

Recipient Address:  4707 Poplar Springs Drive, Meridian, MS, 39305

Request Explanation:  The funding would be used to expand the Free Clinic of Meridian’s current facility. The Free Clinic is a nonprofit organization that does not receive Federal or State support but is funded by donations and grants. The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds because this clinic serves a critical role in providing care to more than 1,000 uninsured patients in East Mississippi and West Alabama, but it has run out of space in its current building. The project has tremendous local backing, including Lauderdale County officials and community organizations and the healthcare institutions with which the clinic partners. The project cost of $313,800 includes construction, exam room equipment and furnishings, and equipment for the expanded lab.

The Free Clinic of Meridian provides critical primary care services to more than 1,000 uninsured patients. Healthcare providers from local hospitals and healthcare facilities donate their time to deliver care to patients, who would otherwise utilize local emergency departments for their care, or go without needed services. The Free Clinic has outgrown its current space and is in considerable need for an expanded facility to continue providing this important care to patients in Mississippi's Third Congressional District.

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Project Name:  Noxubee County Emergency Operation Center

Requested Amount:  $1,000,000

Intended Recipient:  Noxubee County Board of Supervisors

Recipient Address:  505 Jefferson Street, P.O. Box 147, Macon, MS, 39341

Project Location:  16295 US Highway 45, Macon, MS, 39341

Request Explanation:  The Noxubee County Board of Supervisors has requested this funding to build an updated Noxubee County Emergency Operations/ E911 Center in order to protect and adequately meet the needs of the citizens it serves. The current emergency operations/E911 center has reached its end of use stage, rendering it, at best, minimally effective for its original and intended use. The Board of Supervisors is requesting assistance for a new facility that would allow it to better serve the County and neighboring counties and municipalities. This funding would cover costs associated with construction, furnishing, and equipping of a county emergency operations center and related facilities.

Noxubee County is located in the North Central part of Mississippi. It has 5 major highways and a major rail system that runs through the County, all bringing in hazardous and unknown materials daily.  The current Noxubee County Emergency Management Center is 28 years old and houses the County’s emergency management, fire services, E-911, and only emergency service training facility. The building was constructed of fabricated sheet metal with a wind capacity of about 70 MPH, but due to the County’s geographical location, the area is prone to severe weather, often damaging the building and limiting the County’s ability to assist its citizens.

The Noxubee County Emergency Agency’s mission is to “reduce the loss of life and property and to protect our institutions from all hazards by leading and supporting the county in a coordinated effort with state and federal partners, in a comprehensive whole community, risk-based emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.” This funding would allow Noxubee County Emergency Management to achieve its mission.

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